Our company, Silikoneurope S.r.l., is a leader both in the manufacture of technical parts made out of liquid silicone rubber and in the R&D and mould construction for such products which are used in various industrial sectors. In August 1998 the company became a member of the IVG Colbachini S.p.A. Group, based in Padua, a world leader in the field of low and medium pressure rubber hose and tube construction. With its constant, careful attention to market requirements, continued research into new technologies, flexibility and availability of its highly qualified personnel, and, most importantly, its close attention to quality of the highest standards, Silikoneurope has been able to achieve excellent results in the transformation of liquid silicone rubber. Both our technology and experience gathered over a number of years have allowed us to give particular attention to highly technical co-moulded products which draw their strengths from the synergy between liquid silicone, rubber, thermoplastics and metal.

Legal information
Via Savena, 13
40050 Loiano (BO)
-Partita IVA 00823761200
-Codice Fiscale e numero Registro Imprese di Bologna 04174090375
-Numero R.E.A. BO 350068
-Capitale sociale 361.520 euro i.v.
-Forma giuridica: società a responsabilità limitata con socio unico
-Direzione e coordinamento di gruppo: IVG Colbachini S.p.A.

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SilikonEurope Italy - via Savena, 13,  40050 Loiano (Bologna)